If i bought a jackson js30 rr or whatever and got a vox amp and a whammy pedal could that be a good children of bodom sound? If not what would i need to add? Im on a low budget like 500 600 max
Whammy Pedal?
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Yea they dont use a whammy pedal. They use heavy distortion and sometimes delay or a phaser. They use the whammy bar a lot but not the pedal. Try some buckethead or rage against the machine with the whammy pedal its a badass pedal
You're completely off here mate.

Get a decent high-gain amp, and a distortion pedal if needed. Also, get a guitar with a whammy bar(Double Locking). The rest doesn't even matter.
i was thinking the same thing, dude just save up more money, get a 6505 or something if its pure metal tone you want
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If it has a good body, a nice long neck and 6 strings i'd hit it like Ron Jeremy on viagra.