I was wondering if a blues junior plus a 4x12 be as loud or have as much headroom as say a blues deluxe or something in the 30/40 watt area. Im asking this becuase this summer im planning on buying a good clean tube amp for this summer to do gigs and I want one with some pretty good clean headroom. The problem is I have a fender champ and it gets distorted way to early and is not loud enough for gigs and I stuggled using it at my school talent show. Im afraid that the blues junior isn't going to be much better stock so maybe ill probably use a cab for gigs. The plus to this is that when jamming or just at home I could use the stock speaker for overdriven sounds. Will this be good for my needs or should I just get something like the blues deluxe.

Ohh and I have already found godly overdrive tones with my OD and fuzz pedels so really I don't need two channels or anything im mostly going for a gilmour type thing. I just want good headroom.

My price range goes pretty much up to $700
If you want Fender cleans then go for a Hot Rod, the Blues models are designed to dirty up easier.

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^Altough thats in my price range i don't really need 3 channels maybe 2 at most. Anyhow for $600 i would prefer something with less features and i guess for money spent on the quality or sound if you know wat i mean.

If the blues models isn't wat i should be looking for than what other good clean tube amps are there that i should look at. It doesn't have to be fender either although i heard they have the best cleans
The Blues Deluxe will give you a good degree of head room. The Peavey Delta Blues is another great clean amp in your price range. Much better options than the BJ and a cab.

And no matter how great your pedals are, quality amp OD is better. A good pedal will enhance the sound of your amp rather than take it over.
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