Hey I got my hellraiser fr a couple weeks ago and in a while I'm gonna have to change the strings but I hear that if you don't use the right strings on a floyd rose it ****s up the tension and the bridge won't be even. I've never set up a floyd rose so I'd prefer to go with the strings that were already on there, therefore, does anyone know what the factory strings that come with the Schecter Hellraiser FR are?
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According to their site, all their Diamond series are factory stocked with GHS Boomers (10's). I know my ESP with trem though came stock with 9s, as is my Ibanez.

trust the internet
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trust the internet

Were you trying to be sarcastic? Are you suggesting that Schecter puts false information on their website?

To thread starter, any kind of 10's should be good..

Hope you like your Hellraiser, I just got one too about a week ago.
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It's not hard to level a Floyd, you just need about 15-20 mins. Put your new strings on, and look at the trem, if it is parallel to the surface of the guitar then you don't need to do any adjusting. Otherwise grab a screwdriver, remove the back cavity plate, amd make sure your screwdriver fits the two screws in the spring claw. If the trem is tilting back, which will happen if you install lighter strings, you need to loosen the screws. If the trem is tilting forwards, which will happen if you install heavier strings, you need to tighten the springs, I'd loosen the strings a little first so you don't break them. Make sure you adjust slowly, and tune the guitar after each adjustment, check the trem, and keep adjusting as necessary. I know that my Floyd likes lighter strings much more than it does heavy strings. I use the lightest strings I can buy, partially because they are easier on my fingers when I play for 3 hours.
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