Ok, I read the thing on projectguitar.com, but there are still a few things that I am not clear on.

1. Do you have to remove the factory finish? Can you just put primer over it?

2. How do you attach that stick to the body without there being a big blank spot where the stick was?

3. Exactly how do you fill the holes with wax? I'm guessing you melt it into them, and then melt it back out when you're done. Am I right?

4. How long do you keep the guitar in the container with the paint? Do you just dip it in vertically, then take it right back out (after you make the 'hole'), or do you have to swirl it around for a while?

5. Do you sand the bare swirl coat, or do you not sand it until you put varnish over it?

yes, remove the finish.

he puts it in the neck cavity for a bolt on.

i never fill the holes with wax for swirling.

you work quickly, the pain dries within a minute or two since it's such a thin coat.

i wouldn't sand until you put a finish over it, unless you like bare spots in your swirl.
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you cn do a swirl on swirl and then sand to see the layers underneeth it
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