Hey, i wanna download the modest mouse discography, i'm using bit torrent right now, and i found a place that i could download it on google, but it's taking days. i've been at it for a week now and i'm only at like 3 percent.

I was wondering if this was a problem with A) Bit torrent, or B) the site i'm downloading from.

any recommendations would be awesome.
No one is seeding it. Without seeds, you're screwed.
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i forget what site i found it on, but i'm using the program bit torrent to download it.
What kind of internet connection do you have? What program do you use? What website did you get it from?
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in anyway I recomend using utorrent!
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Not supposed to discuss torrents in the forums; there is however an Only Torrent thread.

If you click where I said "reported" it will link you there.
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