I have been playing guitar and bass for a few years and have always loved multitracking. Now im working on getting a little setup so i was looking at mixer boards. The one i looked at said it had "phantom power" so two questions and go easy on me guys.

1. Does this mean i dont need a power amp for my speakers and mics to work.

2. Where on a mixerboard do i connect the speakers Main mix out/ ctrl room out ??

phantom power is for higher-end microphones. basically, some mic's (i think just some ribbons) dont have batteries so they draw their power from the mixing board. that feature on the mixing board is called Phantom Power. basically, its got nothing to do with with speakers, you still need a power amp. also, its not really an absolute necesary feature but is NEEDED if you happen to use a mic that needs phantom
thank you that helped me very much. Now im lost cuz i have no clue how to connect the power amp... is there any website that has all this info?
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strq010 ia almost completely right. Phantom power is for condenser microphones. Condenser microphones are generally much higher quality and require external power. (similar to emg active pickups, they have a higher, clearer output, but need external voltage to do it). Phantom power sends a 48 volt charge through the line to the microphone. Condensers are usually expensive though, and really only used for recording or drum miking. as for your questions, it depends on whenther it is a power mixer (built in amplifier) or just a mixing board (requires amplifier externally). The main mix out would be connected to the amplifier, and then to the crossover if you have one, then to the speakers. Control room out would probably be a different mix, usually pre-fader i think. This is for recording.