Well.....most of the time I spent improvising some stuff with my acoustic, and this is what came up (regarding my little theory knowledge).....
They are 6....and very small too (well...I can't improvise for ever can I? ).
Well.....they may have some stuff wrong in there....(the only one I didn't improvised was 3.....well, I improvised it and fixed it later).
All of them sound better in a real guitar (specially TEST 8......where I couldn't get the tempo and timing too right).
Well.......TEST 8 was also improvised in a left-handed guitar one of my friends owns....it kind of confuses you up a bit doesn't it (playing it as a right-handed of course)?

Anyway....enjoy (and crit if you will )
well for being improvised i think they sound cool, but you should turn them into complete songs or song. Just merge a few ones, and add one of your trademark basslines.

The only thing i didn't like was the repetitiveness in your post, u used too many parenthesis!!! try using different Ascii characters haha
really nice improvisations But you should make a full song with them and edit some.. Merge some that match to make a song and then continue it Would sound awesome! ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() paranthesis ftw! Cheers for the crit!
IMO they all sound like they are just parts torn out of random songs. You should maybe not work songs around them ,but just add them in here and there, as licks, if you like. One that particularly got my attention was test 3, I really liked the meoldy there, and for improvisation, that is some decent stuff my friend.
Crit mine?

^^Thanks for the crit....
I find it kind of difficult making a song out of premade riffs and stuff as I don't have a clear idea of how the song could be about .................I guess I could try though.

^Thanks for the crit too
I think I should expand on them...at least only as acoustic songs with no drums and bass, etc......cause its hard if not....
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