so what are your summer guitar plans? i'm planning on doing pretty much nothing except play guitar this summer, building up speed some more and learning a lot more songs, since i hardly ever learn songs. is anyone doing anything interesting this summer regarding guitar?
get enough money to buy new equipment, maybe start gigging more
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I'm probably going to jam with one of my friends in my band who's getting a new bass guitar soon and we'll start coming up with more ideas. When I'm by myself I'm probably going to practice scales and soloing techniques.
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Probably keep practicing pentatonics, major and all the minor (natural, melodic, harmonic) in different positions. Erm go through arpeggios and start looking at modes in my lessons. Get Aesthetics of hate up to speed, learn either a led zep or jimi hendrix song, buy my recording equipment and start recording stuff with my hopeful side project Rock Lobster. Think thats about it.
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Start to meet up with the band I just formed, write some stuff, get better at guitar and bass, and give guitar and/or bass lessons. I'm not super good, but I figure good enough to give some cheap lessons for beginners. Or people who want to learn some theory.
Write some songs. I wrote like four riffs today that I love... that's almost enough for a song. I need to write a rhythm part for the solo though. I also need to write a solo that I can play that is coherent.

I was just ****ing around playing as fast as I could cleanly, and it sounded okay to me, but it probably sucked. I'll have to record the riffs and critique them myself, maybe post it in the Riffs & Recordings section.

I also want to build up speed. I can hardly play any solos I'd like to play. I guess it's time to start hitting the metronome seriously...
i'm turning 16 in 16 days, and hopefully i'll start working at the local music store selling guitars and basses and such. that'll be awesome. and i'm going to get a new single coil for the middle position on my godin.
I will fuc
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practice 10 hours a day if possible

Your wrist really starts to hurt after that.
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im gonna be working on my album this summer, so im gonna be doing a lot of songwriting and recording
maybe get a job...I'm promising nothing, on the guitar front I'm just going to mess round with it. possibly busking for a laugh with my mate
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learn to play Master Of Puppets perfectly.
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woooo bring on the summer jamming!!!

cant wait. Im gonna guitar all day and all night for like everyday of the summer.

It will be good. Need to improve loads!
I've been thinking about playing non stop, all the time possible...but as always im going on vacation with my family..so I hope my cousin or someone there has an acoustic I can borrow...

...and coming to think of it, I´ve got a lot of scales and tabs to print...
1. Ditch guitar ( for a while )
2. Practice bass from disk till dawn
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