sound really man only suggestion is u should make it yours like play all the memorable parts but put some stuff in there so when people hear it they know its you
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sounds kinda boxy...

Yeah I know what you mean, maybe smooth out the playing in some parts and add some improv? Good job besides that though, you have it down.

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for playing 2 years, that solo was great! Most notes played with proper timing, vibrato ect, but these things bring it down \

0.30 - The repeated lick is played kinda sloppy. - don't worry, I do that too.

0.37 - Open string ring - really minor, but it all adds up

The tone - This is the 'biggest' thing. try less bass and mids, slightly more treble? (What probably happened was recording it changed the tone, does your program have a monitoring option?) Or, maybe you like the tone, because Eqing is down to what each individual person thinks is good.

Nice solo
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thanks for the comments guys, and matteo i highly recommend the santana se, i work at the prs factory and they are good quality
some of your bends were off and lil sloppy ... pretty decent tone.. clean it up adn it will be good.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound