so a couple years ago i bought a Crate GFX 212-T 120watt amp,back then i didnt know anything at all and all i saw was "120watt" and figured it must be decent..so im just curious if this amp is a piece of crap or not
SS vs Tube is all about opinion. I love the cleans on my Fender 85 Deluxe, hell I even like the distortion, but I still enjoy tubes. If you like your amp, then play with it. Your tone is YOUR tone, other people's opinions aren't important.
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My dear man, I must petition you for photographic evidence, or the described events cannot be verified, and will be written off as fallacy.
Well, you obviously own it, right? SO you knwo how it sounds, right? Now go out and try a bunch of other amps and compare. That's how you'll know.
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