first I would like to inform that I am relatively new to shopping for replacement parts as Ive only replaced strings before.

I feel like a total idiot for this but there I was changeing my strings in my garage and suddenly I hear a ting noise followed by the sound of something dropping into liquid. I look down and reaalize that my saddle for the first string has just dropped and made its way into the lovely obbyss that is the floor drain. There is no way I can fish it out as the drain has years of oil and lord knows what else in it. I went to the local music shop to see if they had one.

The guy at the music shop said that they dont make the type of guitar I have anymore (charvel by jackson) and it would be really difficult to find a replacement saddle for it. I have a hunch he didnt know what he was talking about. Am I screwed on that guitar or is there a way to get replacement saddles?
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it shouldnt be too hard. if you cant find one though, you could get a new bridge
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What kind of bridge is it?


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What kind of bridge is it?

I am not sure how to tell as I am not very experienced with the technical stuff. I know its a chrome bridge and the wammy bar goes through it below the saddles
"The true key to immortality is not the ability to live forever, but the ability to achieve things that will be remembered long after you are gone"
All you have to do is find the same TYPE of bridge. There are bassically 3: Tune-O-Matic, standard trem, and floating trem. If your saddle came off well you probably have a standard trem. Just swipe a saddle off of any guitar with that bridge. Ask your friends for a guitar they no longer care to play with all six strings. Worst case scenario, you buy a bridge for like ten bucks AT THE MOST. Then you have every spare part needed, including 5 springs, 6 saddles and a block.

EDIT: Pic of the bridge and other saddles? I happen to have an extra bridge and 6 saddles.

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you can get saddles on musicians friend if you look at guitar parts
strat style
les paul/ sg/ any gibson/ any fixed bridge guitar thats not a fender or fender knock off
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