do you base your solos off of the first key note you play in the song, or the last note right before the solo?
it doesnt matter you can do anythign you want dependsing on the song, or if you want it to stick out etc.etc.
doesnt matter wat note you start on.
usually a little of both i usually do off the last note i play but there are occations where i just pull a face melter and go off the first note of the solo i want to do.....
but mostly off the last note you played

lol yeah
Quote by HeavenlyVirus
the chords played under the solo, duh.

Uh yeah, what this guy said. Whatever scales I play are in key with the music I'm soloing over.
As long as you're in key, it's quite difficult to go wrong. Playing in alternate modes or the relative major or minor is always a great way to give your solo that extra zip.