After long hemming and hawing I've decided to list my precious King V for sale on ebay. Here's the auction link: ebay link removed. please read rules.

Genuine American-made Jackson King V , Dave Mustaine KV2 model
Wood: Korina (!!!)
Mother of pearl SHARK FIN inlays and logo
Original Floyd Rose tremolo

PERFECT condition, no dings or scratches.

Custom upgrades by famous Beck's Guitars in Tempe, AZ
- Custom fret crown job
- upgraded BRIDGE pickup to SH-13 DIMEBUCKER
- Custom tremolo blocker (perfect for downtuning, can be removed)

Rare monster guitar, I wouldn't sell it if I didn't have to.

Comes with original Jackson USA hardshell tourcase and original Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck humbucker as well (just in case you don't like the Dimebucker which I really doubt).

The King V has been babied and never been played outside the house. Since it's lived in dry Arizona there are no humidity problems either.

NOTE: please let me know if my ebay ad needs more info. I'm not a pro seller and honestly hoped I'd never have to part with the King V but so it goes. Thanks!
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Wowee.. take it off of Ebay and let the UG-ers have a fair crack at it.
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