hey guys,
my mate is looking into an amp around the $800 (AUD) mark he has narrowed it down to the Laney LX120TWIN and the Line 6 Spider III. I also suggested the Marshall AVT100X which is about $890 (AUD) according to a random site.

just like to get some opinions

note: please correct my prices if incorrect
I believe none of those are tube, so I'd advise him to keep on saving.
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^ think the Marshall is Hybrid isn't it?

Personally, I find the difference between hybrid and solid state to be quite small.

Also, I might be wrong, but from your post I'm getting the impression that he wants a half/full-stack. I would very much advise against a solid state (or hybrid) stack.

Solid states tend to break up at higher volumes, which is exactly what you don't want when you buy a stack (plus, stacks are a pain in the ass to take to gigs due to their weight and size, while a good tube combo can usually achieve the same volume (not that it really matters because a lot of places have a PA, which require that your amp isn't cranked up)).
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
Generic metal amp for home use? There are a ton. Look at the palomino series, tube amps that can handle some old rock tones. If it doesn't quite reach, just grab a nice pedal. Also the valvetronix series, or a cube?
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lol he doesn't want a stack, its more for home. He plays 80s hair metal mostly

Srsly, do it nao.
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