hi...im looking for some one to have a go at singing to my songs. Even if u live half way across the world.

basically ill record guitar,drums,and bass then send the mp3 then you do ur part.
heres an example of 2 guys that are doing it atm.. they are called chutzpah. one is from wales and one is from aus.


also there are a few of my tracks up on my myspace... www.myspace.com/mightyboy69r

so if anyones intrested let me know im keen as...would be good practise for new singers.

cheers bretto also add me on msn mightyboy69@hotmail.com
if anyone can contribute.....drums ,bass, keys or anything lewt me know.

thanx bretto
hi i'am Roy D. Collins i play in a band in my home town was the singer i got bruned out on it and started just playing ready to jump back in send me a e-mail with some stuff your looking to put down would be happy to help i can hold my own in metal rock or what ever you send my way

my E-MAil is roybigcreek@aol.com send me some info.

also have you good software to mix me in or just lay you a trak
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