If you're gunna get a Marshall, get the DSL combo. Cheaper, and a little better than the TSL.
Why is it cheeper and better? One is dual super lead and the other is triple super lead.
i think that the DSL has better and more useable distortion , what music are you gonna play mostly rtyrtyrtyus ?
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Does it have better speakers built in the dsl than the tsl combo?
Haha, I'm picking mine up today!
Dude, TSL - Triple Super Lead DSL - Dual Super Lead, they're pretty much the same, and I went with my guitar teacher on this one, he suggested a TSL. There's no arguing with over 20 years of experience and the ability to play Flight of the Bumblebee on request. :P
But you can get a TSL with two speakers built into the combo and the DSL you can only get one. Does this make much difference?
No, if you got a used 1962 Bluesbreaker combo, that would be the best Marshall for that price.
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