This took a long time and is an attempt to understand things.
It's not complete.
It never will be.
Just give it a read.


The conversation started the way ice tends to melt.
We revolved through topics, lying about how we felt.
She spoke of 'Art History', quoted some 'T-shirt Philosophy'
In an educated ignorance.
She'd use such big words, I just doubt she knew what they mean.
I said, "You're a contradiction girl". She said "At your age everything is, it seems".
She thinks its time drinks, asks for her favourite once more, saying
"I heard they hit you sooo much faster through a straw".
On the way out, we approached a streetlamp, she held her hands up in the air.
I passed her some artificial light, she just rubbed it through her hair.
I said "Darling you look kinda cold". She laughed, said "I thought you'd never ask,
All I want is something to hold".
So I pressed the lime into liquid, felt the calm turn to chaos
Felt the chill of a kiss go from reality to memory,
The way a second does, by the time you adknowledge it.
I just want that touch, or the taste on the tip of my tounge
From a beauty in blue bedsheets, beguiling beckoning me come
And dive into the deep of delightful dreams.

So I sing my sins in song now, so when I do wrong
I can just hum along.
And dream of a cushioned comma, where I can lay and say
"This is where I belong".
I guess seconds get confused by everything we lose.
Oh, look mama, I've caught the blues.
I guess, we're just choking on the apple that our fathers ate.

In a Northampton garden, I researched the history of my misery.
My brown eyed friend saw my sad eyes were spent with difficulties in lifes mystery.
He said "Well, of course it'll all seem pointless if a choice isn't ours to make...
Cause then WE'RE nothing. Just static on times radio wave".
He said "Truth and proof are seperate, all they do is correlate".
But what is truth without proof? Well then it's just point of view.
So if you shoot down a patient priests beliefs,
Or some athiest arithmetic, know you may as well be saying
Hurrah or boo.
Because we can all tilt our heads and try and touch the trophy of the sky.
But our capes have been caged by unhealthy desire, if this doesn't seem fair
Claim no knowledge, cower and admit you're scared.
Because our freedom came with no chains of choice, just a leash
That chokes us all day as we pull away.
So how can Man find a niche, or a comfortable place to stay
When it's the leash itself that tempts us away?

I bet the dead dream of disorder, through their perfection plagued days.
Whilst the lonely crawl inside their heads, fiddling their rubiks cubes.
I guess seconds are confused by everything we lose.
Oh, look mama, I've caught the blues.
We're choking on the apple that our fathers ate.
Because I've seen london at 100 miles an hour.
And been to cemeteries where bodies are wild flowers.
The mechanical and ephemeral.
But we still want more.
Give me some more.

So I'll let the days just come now, develop some self control.
Understand the sun keeps coming up, whether I accept it or not.
I'll crawl out this alcohol haze. Time is Memory's maze.
Because we really know nothing at all.
Because if I'm really scared of the darkness, why not just turn on the lights?
Instead of fumbling for some meaning, with a faulty flashlight.
Now the future may be as doomed to death as the past/ or present we're living in,
But, my God, thats a lot of potential.
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i also enjoyed that, its really great. The introduction was really strong, it sort of lost me in the middle and then it came back towards the end.

Can we have a further insight into its meaning?
Jeez, I'm not going to critique this. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading this. It's like getting a brain transcript, or a perfect narration. I just really enjoyed it. My favorite parts were "educated ignorance" and "In a Northampton garden, I researched the history of my misery." and then the flashlight bit at the end. You worded everything very well, keeping it simple but still addressing specifics in a very pointed way.

The only qualm I had was "Hurrah or boo", it seemed so juvenile, I guess the point was to make it seem silly by saying "you might as well just be saying," but it just didn't fit with the rest of the piece.

I think you actually contributed to my day because I read this. It's a very nice thing to read.