The local music store that I frequent is considering carrying Kustom amps and are currently speaking to a representative regarding such.

I was curious though, as I haven't really heard much about Kustom amps, if anyone here's had any experience with them.

Specifically the HV series as that particularly looks interesting to me. Being a "hybrid" of tube and solid state.

Any thoughts?
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i have a 10w kustom thang (argos ftw!) i dont use it, but the 30w bass ones (about £90) are really good at my school
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I have a 30 watt Kustom. It is very "meh". The clean sounds decent, but the built in gain is ****.
I have one of those Dual 35 DFX thingies.... (i think thats what it is)
i didn't like it. it didnt have the sound i was looking for (i was looking for a Marshall tone).
the gain sucks and doesn't give you what you expect form it and it's too distorted at high volumes