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this is another song i wrote and thought i may as well post it.

i would just say the genre was metal... not too sure about the subgenre

Please give your honest views, if its sh!t please say so

One of my mates said the main riff reminds him of pantera.. i can't see it myself, but whatever...

Crit away....

Oh, by the way, the GP5 version sounds alot better than the MIDI
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I thought it was pretty good, but i think it should have been an actual recording....but other than that it wasnt bad.
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Not bad at all I liked it

Good riffs. It actually kinda reminded me of Bodom in the verse riff

The bridges were ok. I liked the other riffs better but every song is like that, where i dont like one part and do like the rest...


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This one is also good but I prefer the first one
Good creativity