Try moving your toms closer to eachother and closer to you. This makes it WAY easier to go around the kit and all...

Also I suggest getting a DVD or video on how to play drums for beginners or something. I got one and it really helped.

The "Fun-to-know" "Beginner Drumming" DVD really helped me get a feel for how the drums should be played and all..

Not bad for second day Keep practicing and dont ever give up :cheers
wow, thats a wide kit...

you should be setup something like this

Also try a video longer than 5 seconds of playing.....

The hat sounded cheap...im sure its not a top notch kit so its not going to sound anything close to great but your using cheap audio gear to record as well which cant catch the true sound of the set....

for some help towards great drumming look though these links:

40 essential snare drum rudiments:


VF site:
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lol, youre holding the sticks in a very counterproductive way. youll never play fast holding them like that or get the right sound. also you have everything way tooo spaced out. sit down and put your foot on the kick then your left on the hats and then put your snare between your legs as tight as is comfortable then arrange the toms as close to you as you can get so its easy to move between them fast. then sort out your grip.

balance your stick on the side of your index finger then set your thumb on top of that so that you can freely make hits while the butt of your stick hits the palm of your hand as you make the hit. thats the best grip.