I need a song to play at my friend's birthday party. It should be mostly guitar I really need some good rhythms, not just chords, like finger pick or power chords. Also a good solo too, like a one minute one. I don't want it to be too affectionate because she's a girl and we're just friends. Any ideas?
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Bob Dylan - I Want You
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I played happy birthday with lots of distortion and a wah at my friends party... I rocked it up a lot and she loved it.
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Play a song she likes
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Birthday-the Beatles

damn u beat me... um... happy birthday - steppenwolf??
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play i will kill you by cannibal corpse^^
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Happy Birthday To You - Barney
The bad touch - Bloodhound gang
Make sure you wink at her a lot.
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Only good idea besides the Cannibal Corpse songs
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How about her favorite song?
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happy birthday with tons of distortion and make up fills n such

you'd have to pay copyright on that if you're performing it to someone else, or in public.

Just write a short one yourself.