Hey! you guys are from Edinburgh too! Infact I'm pretty sure you're playing with my friends band No Way Back on this KAOSS tour thing? Anyway, congrats those should be some amazing shows!
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edinburgh you say?!?!?!
i live there XDXDXD

well midlothian actually lol
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!
I have only listened to Kultura so far, and it kicks ass!

Love that riff!

The quality and mixing of the recording is sick, too!

-EDIT- Holy ****, you guys really rule, I just listened to the rest of your tracks, and I'm thinking : Silverchair's good years.

Really awesome stuff. I want to download it :P
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pretty good stuff
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good job i like the music, the singing isn't too great though....

but i think the guitar work is wonderful

where do u guys record?
Nic Play Guitar: yea we are, thats Craig's band yea? Should be a good gig

Steve The Plank: Heh heh cheers, funny you should say that cos when we applied for the Silverchair support slot here in Edinburgh, they said they wanted something mellow!

touji-za-nai: Cheers, these were recorded at Chapel studios in Lincolnshire, check em out here: http://www.chapelstudios.com/

Cheers everyone for checking us out!