Jackson Dinky w/ Bareknuckle Warpigs
Laney LC-30 with a Digitech "Bad Monkey" Overdrive Boost Pedal.

I wanted a heavy, Metallica-Esque sound thats good for playing Metallica (duh), Megadeth and Dream theater, stuff like that. Cleans like Metallica Megadeth too, if maybe a bit brighter.

Do you reckon that this will do it?

Any suggestions at under £600, including a new amp (tube) combo, pickup upgrades and (if the amps gain doesn't cut it) an O.D boost pedal would be welcome.
Bad Monkey is overdrive. It's a cheap, knock-off Tubescreamer. What you want is something like a Boss DS-1 or something.

Trust me, the Bad Monkey is not what you want if you want to play metal. I have one... it's not that swell for heavier tones.
The Laney is a valve amp, which is why you use an overdrive to "boost" the input.

If you get a distortion pedal, you'd have to use it on the clean channel of the laney, kinda defeating the point. Since you want some tube distortion.

Go for the Bad monkey, its good value
i'd go with a peavey windsor (warning, cleans suck), and framus 2x12, or maybe a laney gh50L and the same cab.

i'd go swineshead instead of bareknuckle, I don't think it's worth putting BKP's into a cheap guitar like that, especially when it takes away from your much-needed amp budget.

i take it you already have the jackson?
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