This is one of my many songs, though im not exactly sure what catagory it would come under. Soz its only on power tab its the only thing i got.

Any and all feedback ta
Song 15.zip
I'm not a big fan of this one. Metalcore has gotten very old. Most of it was strumming diads and breakdowns. I've heard all this kind of thing before, and It really lacked a lot of origionality. The only part I liked was the solo, but it was far too short, and could have used a faster portion. The second solo started out good, but dragged on and on with the same 16th note pattern. Maybe change up the two solos a little bit, put in some more interesting rhythms and riffs other than chug chug chug *couple harmonized notes* chug chug. It gets old, it needs some origionality and variation. But, in itself, a solid metalcore song.

EDIT: almost forgot, would you mind critting one of mine? they're in my sig.
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