well i dont even need to listen to em because to me, 99.99% of death metal sucks
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They try to hard. You can tell there fake.
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why cant stevie wonder read?
cause hes black

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not my type, too generic, but they got a pretty cool album cover i'll give 'em that
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well i dont even need to listen to em because to me, 99.99% of death metal sucks

Did you read the description of this forum? Gtfo.

Hmm. They sound too forced. Too generic.

And to andy_thomas....Insideac just wrecked your life.
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I like it. Its generic, but the riffs are good and the vocals have a unique sound to them. Good stuff.
Read my post. Not this.
i wouldn't say it's generic...but they sure are trying too damn hard to be technical,they should sit back & make a cool riff or two
Their not bad, but yeah, it seems like they're trying to be TOO technical. Also, to the guy who said 99.9% of death metal sux: Why are you in here anyway?
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i think nebarskan is a cool guy, eh wears a nile and doesnt afraid of anything

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I was not to impressed, but they should have full credit for the album cover though.

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