Hey guys, one of my freinds decided recently he wanted to learn the bass.
Alright well he can probably borrow an old bass from another friend of mine.
But what about amplifiers? I am a guitarist and have absolutely no idea what so ever what bass amplifiers that are good and wich bad.
I think he have around 2-300 dollars to use of. Now I am thinking would it be smarter to buy one of those multi effect boxes or is that only us guitarists that use them?

I would love to hear any ideas about what my friend should do from you guys

By the way he mostly wants to play metal..
The effects are really unnecessary for a budding bass player...if the bass player decides that they want to reach in that direction, then it would best be saved for later, in my opinion.

I, for one, have been playing for 5 years and I am trying to get my hands on something that will emulate Muse's tone.

But anyway.

He's better off spending the money on the amp that he needs; I'm sorry to say that I really am not a gear guy, and couldn't properly guide that decision. I just thought I'd offer that the effects are really a waste of money at this point in time.

Good luck!
Hmmm.... You'll want to have a minimum 100 watts to have in a band situation. Sadly you might need even more in a metal band with all the over-driven guitars and such. Your bass-buddy will more than likely have to spend more than $200-300 to get a good amp. If $300 is an absolute limit I would suggest a Fender Rumble 60.
Well the thing is just that he live in a very VERY small house. And with three other family members in that little house. I dont think they will be that pleased with him playing without headphones. And I know from my guitar playing that when you have to play with headphones and cant even afford a very great amplifier you are better off with a effect box that can emulate different types of amps.
Oh, no no no... no no no. Not on bass at any rate. I assumed you wanted the amp for a band setting. Since this isn't the case what you want to do is spend as much money as you're willing ($300 is a great starting amp) and just buy one with a headphone jack. With this you can play at home with good enough quality, while still having the same amp you would use if you ever need to jam with it.
Multi effect pedals really aren't much use to the majority of bassist. Me and all te ones I know simply buy individual pedals, as 1 pedal has far higher quality, and bassists on the whole use less effects.

Hell, another friend who plays bass called me an effects junkie because ! want to get a fuzz, wah and envolope filter on top of my overdrive pedal. Then all through true bypass loops.

Guitarists I know have aout twice the number of effects on a multi effects box, plus a couple of ther pedals (gives a great sound in the end, some super heavy, yet splightly funky tone).
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