so, how are your experiences with buying gear second hand? ever bought something crappy?
Im particularly interested in amps, because you can tell if a guitar is broken, but with an amp something might be broken that you barely notice later, right? or is this a misconception?

I bought a second hand Laney head a while back, it was awesome. Then again I did buy it off a mate, and I did tell him I'd murder his entire family if he screwed me over.

EDIT: He did end up screwing me over. It was a shame, I quite fancied his sister as well. Plenty more (alive) fish in the sea though!
Well, both of my guitars and my amp are second hand ,and they're both fine. Well... other than my ibanez needs the trem sorting out a little, it's nothin bad but I'm just waiting til I get a D-Tuna til I fix it up, might as well hit two birds with one stone I guess.
So yeah, 2nd hand doesnt mean bad.
yeah, its just, you know, im gonna be willing to dish out 1000 euros, I want to get something that is going to work, well and long. and you cant really be sure with 2nd hand, can you? i dont know what to do, we have tons of gigs coming up and i cant keep on using the amp from my brothers drum school anymore...
All my gear is second hand. You can haggle and get a really good price for something that you would pay tons of money if it was new. Buy used, it is worth it but always check the **** you buy.
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my bro bought this 3000 dollar bass second hand for like 1,6k or so...he doesn't seem to have any problems with it....it was over ebay!
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My Marshall doesnt seem to have working Reverb....oh well. XD.
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I bought a used guitar for $15 on E-Bay once. The thing was a PoS, but it was a cool novelty guitar. It was a Symsonics Terminator, some crappy strat knockoff with a built-in amp that sounded awful. Had pretty good action though:

Oh, I also bought a multi-fx processor for Bass as well a while back off of E-Bay, it works pretty good.
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