Inside is GP4, GP5 and a Midi. If listening on guitar pro 5, PLEASE put the rse ON. It really makes it sound much better.

This is a song that was written mainly by the guitarist/singer in my band, but I arranged it and wrote the riff at bars 17-20.

I can C4C if anyone wants?

There Is Nothing We Can Do(1).zip

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Dude, I pretty much liked the whole song except for the riff in bars 11 - 14 i think it was, it was later repeated. I think if you substitue that with something more melodic you've got yourself a real good song!

Crit mine?


Yeah, originally that was intended to be the 'verse', but it's now become instrumental. It's kinda meant to be a 'calm before the storm' type thing.

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I like it : ) it has got at heavy feeling to it, i espescially like the parts where the music stops but the bass, or the guitar. The intro is cool!

It got slightly repetive sometimes, (i couldn't hear the other guitar) but when i turned off RSE it sounded better (except from the midi-killer-distortion).

I like the contrast between bar 14 and 15.

I suggest some solo composing
That was great!

I liked all of it... The one complaint I have though, is the riffs get recycled a bit too much throughout (but I love the outro, cause it's only used once.) Try to like, give a variation or something. It might help make it seem less repititive.
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The two guitars on bar 8 clash pretty badly, change the F that 'Mikey' is playing to an F#. I really like the atmosphere you're making though, very brooding. Very nice when it gets heavier too, though you could do with a little more variety. Love what 'Mikey Mo' is doing from bars 17-20, but I think that would actually be a great place to stick a little lead break or something, just loads of bends and vibrato on the lower strings. That would sound proper evil.

Also, with the trem picking part, it would sound ****ing wicked if every now and again you changed that D to a C#. Just make sure it doesn't clash with the other guitar part.

It is a bit repetitive though (perhaps make a longer middle/solo section with more heaviness). VERY nice ending though.

Overall it was top quality, nice attitude throughout. 8/10

I'd like some crit on my new threads if that's alright (preferably Landscape Blur or Floorboards)
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