Poll: Orange Rockerverb 50 - head and cab or combo?
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View poll results: Orange Rockerverb 50 - head and cab or combo?
4 33%
Head And Cab
8 67%
Voters: 12.
If i get the orange rockerverb 50, do i get the combo or head and 2 x 12 cab. I just can't really a make a decision on this one!
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I'd go with the head and cab, seems a lot more portable than a combo. like say you're going to go jam, you can keep the head in your frontseat car and the cab in the back. Also you always have the option of stepping up to a 4x12.
and don't forget about cab switching options if you ever want to try something new.
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head/2x12 cab would be easier to move around.
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Orange combos are great amps, and you get a lot more for your money buying the combo over an Orange head and cab. Plenty portable. You can always get an extention cab if you feel the need, and jam/gig with just the combo if you don't.

My advice? Use the money you save to buy a nice road case for it. It'll improve the portability, and give you an easy-access "amp stand" to get the thing off the ground.
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I say combo. One unit, so one trip to put it in your vehicle, and one to get it out. It may weigh a bit more, but still, I think it's more travel ready then the stack. I don't think it's much bigger then a 2x12 cab either, and if you want 4x12, just buy a 2x12 for the combo.
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