I'm not much of a tech guy, but somewhere in these forums I found this link: http://www.tone-lizard.com/Ultimate_JCM800.htm

This is about modifying the JCM 800 to get more gain (without adding tubes). If I would even consider something like this, I would go to a pro. Does anyone here have experience with mods for the JCM 800? Do you not get the same sound result if you use a good OD or EQ?

well, alot of other amps are modded to sound like JCM800's. If you've already got one, what's the point?
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Ive seen the "higher" gain JCM800s listed on ebay for higher prices for ages, as far as i can see they dont sell great, i would never buy one, the originals are the best, if it aint broke dont fix it and if you want higher gain look elsewhere
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on ebay everyone makes their item out to be the best version of whatever they're selling.
I know Vai used a heavily modded JCM 800 on Passion and Warfare.
Doesn't Voodoo amps do a mod?
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