i am progressing into more metal. i saw this jackson (MG Series DXMG Dinky) and the reviews said it was nice overall,and for a good price. what should i do?!?!
buy it.
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My friend has this, it's pretty good, although, the body is incredibly small, it feel awkward when you're standing up, but other than that, pretty solid guitar.
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I am also considering one of these. Ultimately I may end up springing for the DKMG or DK2M (since I like the sound of the Duncans on that one) but I played it the other day and it seemed nice. Only thing I would say is that even to my untrained ear the passive EMGs sounded a bit muddy compared to the actives on the DKMG and the SDs on the DK2M. Overall seems like a nice guitar, though, and I may very well end up with one. Everyone also likes to decry the LFR as being crap but short of saving up another $400+ that's pretty much what you will get. But, yeah, I liked it. Nice metal guitar, I love the body, and obviously the Jackson neck is killer.
honestly im buying that guitar once i pay off my amp. its friggin amazing for the price but you probly will want a PU swap
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here was my jackson dinky model, dunno about numbers etc.

I sold it to my nephew, but it was a nice guitar, but at the time i didnt like humbuckers or the kneck etc....