i posted this in the String Changing thread above but nobody replied....anyway i am wondering if my restringing method is wrong. i just strung my les paul and what i did was lined the string up with the notches and all that and i left like 1 1/2 - 2 inches of slack, then i just started winding up the string and made sure the string was winding underneath itself everytime. i didnt wind it around the tuning post or anything like that though and i see some people talking about it but i dont exactly know how to do it correctly. is my method ok??
i pretty much just left a little slack and started tightening thats it really. what i was concerned about though is i didnt wind the string manually around the tuning post and i was wondering if that is necessary or what?
a Pic would be good

or If the Strings Stay there with out Breaking and stay in Tune and no wacky sounds then ya your methods ok

-The tuning post is made to have the string wrap around...Its best ya do so
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well how exactly do i wrap it around? when i tried it i couldnt keep the string still it was going all over the place lol.
you hold the loose string with one hand, and turn the peg with the other.
each wrap under the first.

it's not the easiest thing to do, but after a while u get better at it.

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