LTD EC400VF for $599 neck is same thin U on the EC1000s but the body is like 1/4" thicker! Full LP thickness in other words, 2 piece center matched mahogany with 3/4" maple top and you can feel it Epis are like 9 lbs. and this thing has got to be 11-13 lbs. The thin neck is awesome and the thinner 42mm earvana nut makes grabing it pure pleasure, the Xtra jumbo frets rock and bending 10s like 9s is a breeze.

For $600 it absolutely blows away Epis and PRS SE Singlecuts (these are so lightwieght). The bridge is the real thick Gotoh/Gibson type and the pups are SD JB and 59 neck. This is the real deal at an everymans price.
Ooh, very nice! I'm planning on getting the Ltd EC-1000 in STBC when I have the money! Congrats on the awesome new axe!

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
The JB isnt too trebly in a good guitar and I like the power of the 59 for creamy neck solos vs. the Jazz now.
This one is the Tobacco Sunburst but not quite like a Gibson Tobacco more like thier Iced Tea finish, I like how the amber shows thru on the upper bout and horn. I usually change out the chrome covered pups but Im keeping them on this one this looks and feels like a LP Std for about 1/3 the price.
The neck joint has an angled relief carved out which makes playing scales up high a breeze compared to the standard block joint on a LP
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Is that a Dunlop .60mm Tortex pick in the second picture?

yes thinner picks give me a more defined attack, I use the edges for dirty, and for flat picking cleaner stuff the thinner pick offers more sublte nuances.
Though Ive been playing with thick red Dunlop JazzIII lately too. Great for fast picking.
Very, very sexy. What happened on those last two pictures? I'm talking about the scrapes on the lower neck/horn.
nice buy, i love eclipses.
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Wow, nice buy. Good looking guitar and I'm sure it plays like a dream.
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