I know you guys didn't seem to really like this song very much, but I went ahead and finished it any way.

I finished the drums and made some very slight changes in the drums in the choruses. I also changed the tempo in the outro/mosher.

Another thing, I added lyrics to this song. I'm very bad at writing lyrics, so don't expect it to be anything great. One thing I did with the lyrics though, is to symbolize the different piches of screaming, I used different piches in the seashore thing. 3 fret on the 2 string is supposed to be that very high pitched screaming like AS Blood Runs Black, 0 fret on 4 string is mid pitch like Killswitch Engage or something, And 0 fret on 6 string is very low like Cannibal Corpse. I know you can't get the right feel from guitar pro, but I have a good imagination, so I just lower the sound on the seashore and imagine the vocals, and sometimes even try to scream them myself. lol.
Loads of fun.

Anyway, I was hopeing you guys could check out this new version and tell me if it's better or what. Thanks. Rock on
Demonic Voices2.zip
I found the music slightly repetitive, but i'm sure some vocals would do a lot to this song. I really liked the "rythm" of the vocals if you get what i mean

I think that this song would be very heavy as a real recording

Those pick slide thingys were cool!

The tempo change in the end fits in great, those things use to sound wierd but it didn't here...

crit mine?
Yeah! That's all I can say to that. You say people didn't like it? You got a fan right here, don't change a thing.