Hi umm yea im trying to learn a RHCP song called Can't Stop and it requires like to hold two strings with one finger. i need tips on it b/c its really hard to do it sounds all crappy when i play help anyone?...

p.s. its the chorus when he plays
you mean bar chords? if so than you just need to flatten your finger out more and press down a little harder.
You gotta build strength! It takes a while, but what I suggest is pressing as hard as you can, then playing each string from top to bottom, and make sure they each ring clearly. Once you have that, the chord will sound good.
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If he's playing RHCP he'll need to learn some barre chords anyway.

Yeah, use your index finger to push down all six of the strings and then place your ring, middle, and pinky into positions over that. It'll be weird at first, but once you get used to them, barre chords are incredibly useful.