I'm going to try putting heavy gauge strings on my guitar for the 3 thick ones and light for the thin ones but I have two questions.

1: will this warp the neck on my guitar or something.

2: If I happen to break on of the strings and I don't have any extra strings of that gauge would it be alright to put that string from a different gauge.
it'll **** your neck up. don't do it. the different tensions won't work together.
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? different tensions do work together just buy them that way. Ever hear of hybrid slinky's by ernie ball? just buy them and have someone set them up for you However if you hhave a tremelo system it might not be a good idea

Edit: Sorry i think they're called Heavy Bottom not hybrid sorry about that
im pretty sure ernie ball actually sells packs of strings that are bottom heavy and light on the top 3 strings, id look into that and see if people have had problems with those strings
Not unless you have an Ebony fretboard.

Ebony's so dense you don't even have to compensate for the strings when adjusting the truss rod.
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I'm using a squier standard series and I use d'addario strings. Would it warp the neck If I just used the 3 heavy on the 4th 5th and 6th strings and light on the 1st 2nd and 3rd instead of replacing the strings with different gauges if they break.
There are all sorts of strings combinations out there which wont screw your neck up - though if you change string gauge will more than likely have to get the truss rod adjusted.

I am currently trying out a couple of different guages (Ernie Ball 10-46, 11-48 and 10-52) on my Gibson LP to see which I prefer.

Try a couple of different combinations and find one you like and then get you guitar set to this.
it's gotta be really weird to alternate pick with that much variation in your string gauge. i guess as long as you can stay on the top 3 strings it would be ok and use the bottm 3 for chords.
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