Teenage band, looking for a singer preferably between14 and 18 years old. We're planning on playing a couple shows in mid july, with a set list (covers) of Alice Cooper, Guns N' Roses, Muse, Jimmy Eat World, and more.

we have mics, and stands, and are planning on renting a vocal amp for the shows, so you dont need your own equipment, although if you have some we wouldn't mind you bringing it. We're stationed in Redford, bordering Detroit. Currently we're all 15 years old, me (lead guitar), rhythm guitarist, bassist, and drummer. PM me if your interested.
I'm in Livonia, I'm not the best singer (I can do jimi hendrix and stuff but not muse). I could give it a try.
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Are you looking for a male or female vocalist? I have to admit, I can sing, but only if I have a tune that I'm hearing to stay on key. I (hope) I have a nice singing voice, but... that remains to be seen, and it all depends on how you do it... I'm 17, and in Franklin, right by Birmingham and West Bloomfield, MI.
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