Hey all.

I own epiphones version of the EDS-1275, and while its great fun to say, I must say it is poorly balanced. Im am forced to hold the necks up with my fretting hand (very uncomfortable after long periods of time.) Are there any tips you UGers have to help with this?
buck up is all i can say. and maybe lean back while you play it?
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put whole bunch of weight on the bridge side of ur strap?
it'd be heavy. but not as neck heavy.
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hunh... does the Gibson version do that?

What tone woods does Epiphone use in the body.

I wouldn't be too suprised if it was part alder.
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yea the gibson version (it pwns all that you know) does it too but not so much the only advice is just get used to it itll get better u just have to build up more strenthg with it.
get a good quality leather strap. it helps with slippage. but than it pulls your shirt. so do like i do when you play a double neck and take your shirt off...who am i kidding. i always play with my shirt ooff (no joke)

P.S: holy crap. i just relized who posted this. lol. hi mike!
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Well, the Epiphone SGs are known to suffer from being neck heavy, so one with MORE than twice the neck weight and LESS than twice the body weight is only going to be worse. Positioning the strap button to a better place sometimes helps alleviate the problem.
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