Can anyone help me out with techniques for grind tapping technique? i.e.- www.myspace.com/iwrestledabearonce OR www.myspace.com/psyopus OR www.purevolume.com/ishotthemid THAT KIND OF **** CAUSE LIKE I KNOW ITS JUST FAST **** AND IM GOOD AT HAMMERING ON A PULLING OFF FAST AND IM OKAY AT TAPPING BUT THERES AN EXTRA LITTLE SOUND IN THERE like they are doing something different...so any help? thanks. JAY
I really wish that I knew what was going on; Psyopus definitely has some cool tapping.
Here's a video that lets you kinda see whats going on in the songs, which is a little bit of help, but hey, if you figure it out, by all means let me know.
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