I'm looking to rebuild a POS Arbor Explorer...mainly for the hell of it.

I was just wondering what the most versatile pickups are, preferably at a low cost.

I play everything from Coheed and Cambria to Led Zeppelin to the blues to punk. What pickup (combination perhaps) will give me satisfactory results?
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Seyomur Duncan Jb and '59 pickups
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You could check out the JB and 59 copies from guitarfetish.com . I heard they're supposed to be super close to the Seymour Duncans, and I think they cost like $35 or $40 each.
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yeah what kind of amp?

and to seanie, what are the pickups called ou are talkin about? i want to check them out
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I will either be using a Fender Chorus-80, Crate 120 (solid state combo..whatever that's called), or a home-made 30 watt tube amp
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Well, through the first two...you won't hear much of a difference in tone.

But....If you're looking for versatile for rock...I'd go with Seymour Duncans, with their SH-1 '59 + SH-11 Custom Custom.

Or cheaper, a set of Vintage '59's from guitarfetish.com. Don't get the Cruncy's or Fat PAFs. Too high output, IMO.