So I'm redoing my whoooole rig
I'm going to end up with a Nashville Tele (2 Tele Tex Mex pickups and 1 Tex Mex strat in the middle)
Hopefully a Peavey Valveking

now i play mostly blues, country, and alternative rock stuff
my choices for a pedal are as follows:





now i hear lots of good things about the TS808, but is it relaly worth the money?

now excluding costs/budget, and the fact i have NOT tried these pedals yet,
what do you guys think is worth it?
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I think the tube screamer is a great option for you, since you arent looking for a lot of gain. If you have the money, you should check out Maxon pedals. Basically better tubescreamers.
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i'd go for the maxon ts9 or ts-808

or get a ts-9 and mod it yourself if you wanna save some money


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I don't think that amp will do blues well, check out some fender amps before you make up your mind. Also, Check out the Peavey windsor combo if it comes out before you make your decision.

I've played the TS9 and I liked it. The big muff is a fuzz, so make sure you want the fuzz sound. I'd recommend first making up your mind on an amp, then worrying about whether you need these pedals, but a nice overdrive is never a bad idea Good luck.
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