Hey, I'm interested in getting an Ibanez S520EX in flat green, and I was wondering... is this guitar good for stuff besides metal? It has a rounded body profile and doesn't really scream metal, except for the Floyd Rose, at first glance. So I was just wondering, would I be able to pull off other genres with this guitar? I'm positive that I would sell the stock pickups and replace them with something else, because I'm not interested in active pickups. So basically, two questions...

Would I look like an idiot playing punk/modern rock with this guitar, and also, which pickups would you recommend to make it more... not metal? Don't get me wrong, I play metal. I'm just trying to center it more around hard rock. I was thinking Super Distortions or Dirty Fingers (yeah I'm going all out here ), so let me know what you guys think.
those are really high output pickups, so ummm, thats more like what i would think one would use for metal.
if you want to get away from the metal sound, you need less output
try like sd 59s or something with a more classic sound
you can still get a metal sound from warmer pups
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
Yea it will do hard rock / metal fine. Put in either a SD JB / SD 59, DiMarzio Super D / DiMarzio PAF, or my personal favorite, Gibson 498T / DiMarzio PAF
Ah okay thanks guys, I'm gonna go look up some sound samples you offered. By getting away from that metal sound I guess I didn't really specify well... I still want high output, but not that trebly, solo kind of pickup that I'm guessin the S series are equipped with (since Ibanez are built for crazy speed playing and whatnot). I was looking for something bassier sounding, and at least according to the official Dimarzio webiste, the Super Distortions are pretty heavy on the bass rating. One of the sound samples is a Kiss song, and while I really dislike KISS, I love Ace's tone.