I paused H2O for this, so this better be good.

It's okay. The clean vocals are good, the angry ones could use a little work. Your singer tends to get a little off when he's focusing on sounding hard, but make sure he stays on pitch. Some of the stuff sounds a bit messy, but that could also be because the recording isn't great and the drums are fuzzy. (not your fault at all, but it's unfortunate because I can't judge it as fairly) I like the solo at the beginning of "Death Perception". Overall, it's decent, you guys have potential, but you're not quite there yet. Also, from what I saw in the video, you guys need more stage presence. Don't be afraid to act like you want on stage, people are there to see you. By the way, it's not thrash at all. That's not bad or good, but your genre is just not thrash at all.


S'not bad apart from I have a band called Enemy of One lol
and that the music seems too cliche, you seem like another band who wants to be 1983 Metallica