I'm trying to write a funk song. I've came up with a little riff thing, but I don't know where to go from there. Any tips/help?
Make sure you write a decent bassline that carries the groove of the song. The guitar riff should just be something simple and trebley while the bass plays the "riff".
also, groovey drums are definately a requirement. Funk drumming is usually very syncopated.
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true, you can get funk riffs as easy as


and variations while the bass plays some slap line


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oh... mines more like a bassline maybe.

it sounds familiar though, so I hope im not ripping it off of something.
You need to make a good rhythm. Throw in bunch of dominant, 13th chords. Get good drum background. It's got to be catchy, groovy....
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traditionaly, funk usually doesnt have any outstanding lead guitar parts, but that doesnt stop you from adding one in. If you have the guitar riff already, figure out the key and make some real hip bass line. once you know the key and progression its usually easier to expand the song
In funk you have really two basic options. You have the bass line with simple syncopated guitar chords over it making it groove. Or you have the bass line with some simple, simple guitar fills over it. Just easy 1 beat a few 16th note runs. The first example can be seen a lot in Graham Central Station and Sly and the Family Stone stuff. The second is seen easier in stuff like Parliament. Funk is all about the low end. Heavy bass drum heavy bass, and very little guitar with some horn shots. Oh and an extremely low vocal line a la Larry Graham.
Don't use a whole bunch of chords. Use only a couple, but give them a little more spice by adding notes (create 7chords, add13chords, stuff like that) If you look at funk songs you'll notice a lot of 'em use the same principle. They only use a few different chords, and the chord progressions are quite basic to keep the flow of the song going constantly. But to spice things up the chords sometimes appear with other notes added.
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i've noticed lots of chord inversions and bits of fills in lots of the guitar parts, also a little wah never hurt anybody
_7#9 chords with lots or dead notes and wah are a funk players friend.
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