1) i am defretting my OLP bass, and everyone has said that it should be heated up w/ a soldering iron...how long should i heat the frets before attempting to pull them out? are there signs that the frets are hot enough?

2) i'm putting new pups in the OLP, and i *think* the pickups are the same size that the musicman 5 strings (that the olp duplicates). what would be some good pups (for fretless use)

3) i'm looking into re-wiring my bass amp to bring down the impedence, and if a cabinet is rated at 200 watts 8 ohms, would that mean that if the speakers were wired differently, would it still be 200 watts at 4 ohms? like, what would be the use of having a 800 watt 8 ohm cab? (like my friends trace elliot)...it seems like that'd be the kinda cab you'd re-wire...suggestions?