My local music store has this thing where they mod the pups and stuff and sell them for a higher price.A versa strat is a standard MIM strat with seymore duncan spec 50's for the middle and neck and a JB junour coil sized humbucker.The bridge has a coil tap and it comes with a tortoise shell pickguard.This is about the same price as a highway one strat and i was wondering which one you would think is better.(im not thinking of buying one soon but i might when i save up enough)
well do the math. $20 for guard. a set of pickups are about $250. add it to the cost of the standard and see if it's worth it to you to get it.

personally, id rather pick my own pups. but if u like those and cant solder, then guess u could think about it.

id rather get the highway and upgrade later tho.

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^ i agree, there isn't much point in paying extra for pre-selected pickups if they aren't the ones you'd pick.
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HIGHWAY 1, much better
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