So my mate in my band can get a Marshall Jcm 800 2203 model and cab really cheap (Original 1982 head I think)

I know a few death bands use the Jcm 800 but not sure what exact model, so what Im asking would this be able to do it with a Ts-9 boosting?
Look in to the 5150, lots of MeloDeath bands uses it
Mandatory gear list

Charvel Model 6 (1986)
Cort MR780FX
Epi Firebird VII
(Soon to be gone) Peavey Bandit 112
Soldano Hot Rod 50+ (1993)
Framus 212 (V30's)
you could do it, I'd get a powerful clean boost instead of a tubescreamer though.
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If your getting a deal, buy it and if it doesnt work out put it up on ebay. The prices of Jcm 800s on ebay have rose in the last month.