Hi ....i just played this guitar at a guitar center a few hours ago .....pretty much liked it .....was wondering if theres anything else about the guitar that i should know before i run into buying it ...like the wood quality and the durability ....

im basically getting this to play classical rock and a little blues (zepplin, the eagles etc...)
the other options im considering is the gibson vintage mahagony and PRS SE custom...so let me know what you guys think ....
Don't even think about buying another guitar. Nobody else offers an all mahogany singlecut with real SD pickups and Grover tuners for such a price. Bought the Viper 400 model myself few weeks ago 'cause I'm more of a metal player. Great value.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
I just got one and it sounds better than a LP Studio I owned w/ stock pups or EMGs, it feels and looks 10x better, also has a thin 42mm nut and very slender neck. The perfect Paul imo.