get a tuner that will tune flats
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Get guitar pro or something and tune off that... That's what I do at least.
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Well if you can hear some notes by ear
just tune your first E to sound like the 3rd, D string

or just hit the first three strings open and turn it till it sounds like a power chord

drop C tuning is harder
someone else can explain that one
tune the low e string to the open d. tune it down so its an octave lower than the open d, fourth string. i dont feel like explaining drop c someone else will probably do it

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Usually it make a chug chug chug chug sour note, because that's all people play with it these days.

Drop D is made when you take the low E and tune it down so the 7th fret is equal to A. You can also do it by plucking the d string simulatenously with the e while dropping the e. Eventually you'll hear the same pitch but lower.

Drop C is the same thing, but a whole step down. Picking up from being in drop D you drop the A 'til the fifth fret of the dropped D is the same pitch as the open A....and then you do it to all the strings. Then drop the now low D so that the seventh fret is equal to the now G.
Quote by gibsonsg13254
i have never tuned my guitar differently how do you drop d and what sounds does it make

For reference:

Drop D Bands: Tool, Lamb of God

Drop C Band: System of a Down
To tune to drop D(DADGBE), either use a tuner and lower the pitch of your low E string or tune the low E so that its 7th fret sounds the same as the A string or so the tenth fret on the low E sounds like the D string.
For drop D, thereisn't a large change in sound, except you now have 2 extra notes and you can make power chords easier to play

To tune to drop C(CGCFAD), tune the low E so that its 9th fret is the same as the A string. Then tune the A string so that its the same pitch as the 7th fret on the low E. Then tune the D string so that its the same as the 5th on the A, the G so that its the same as the 5th on the D, the B so that its the same as the 4th on the G and the high E so that its the same as the 5th on the B string..
Drop C is like drop D, but sounds darker and heavier.
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just drop the damn e string one whole step into d.....and for drop c just lower the damn e string 2 steps into c....and all the rest of the strings one step...simple right?
can anyone tell me how many flats on a tuner for each strings are needed for dropped C?
drop C(CGCFAD...there are no flats?^
i juts get my tuner, bring up th enote it wil show me what not im playing be it flat or full, and kabam im in drop c no problem. Try drop B its even heavier and nastier!
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Get yourself a chromatic tuner. $20 from Guitar Center.

Drop-D is DADGBe, Drop-C is CGCFAD.

Other fun tunings include DADGAD, DADADG and everyone's favorite, EbAbDbGbBbeb (Half-step)
my tuner dosent tell me what note im playing.
so i just tune by flats on it.
i need to know how many flats you push to tune to drop C.
i do.. E string 3 flats and the rest 2. but that sounds wrong.
so im not sure.
if you dont know how to tell an octave, tune so the low e string on the twelfth fret to the D string and you should be set, and for drop C, i dont know but that would be interesting.

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A good way to tune to Drop C without a chromatic tuner is to tune the 7th fret on the E to a G note, then tune the A string to a G and the 7th fret of the D to a G as well.

Then tune the rest by ear. That's the way I do it. It's quick and pretty easy. You can also tune the two highest strings with a normal tuner and then the only string you have to tune by ear is the F.

Which you can also tune to a G at the 3rd fret, but that usually doesn't sound right for me.

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