Recently I posted the thread with the best and worst movies that you have seen. Now it's time for music videos. From over the top Hollywood music videos to simple and messaging projecting videos, we all witness the visuals that makes the songs better or worse. So, what's the worse and best music video you have seen?
For me
Best- The Clincher by Chevelle, Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage, What I've Done by Linkin Park

Worst- Sick, Sick, Sick by QOTSA, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day and Umbrella by Rhianna. YUCK!!!!!!!!!
Thriller y'all....Thriller
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Thriller y'all....Thriller

+A lot

The worst? Any live montage video.
Best is probably a VR vid...guitars n gals!
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Gotta love that second video.

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BEST - Switchfoot - We are one Tonight, Rise Against - Ready To Fall
WORST - QOTSA - Everybody knows that You're Insane (most definitely!!), ...thats all i can think of for now....
Go with the Flow by QOTSA, Legs by ZZ Top, and End of the beginning by Becker are my faves

I Ran (so far away) by flock of seagulls is by far the worst
The bird and the worm is a song that is getting old but I love the video. There are to many videos that suck but....ummmm... Working Class Hero by green day is horrible.
ok, i dont really watch many music video's but this one stands out as a fine piece of art, accompanied by a fine fine song, both frank zappa and bruce bickford are pure genious.


as for worst, i dont watch enough music vids to know, most pop vids from the 80's are rather dire.
Children of Bodoms Deadnight Warrior is pretty meh in my opinion. It's not the worst, but its pretty tacky. Hmmm I know I've seen some pretty **** ones, but not sping to mind at the moment
Best - Give it all - Rise Against
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Best - Give it all - Rise Against

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best - We are scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

worst - anything by Robbie Williams (awful, awful artist)
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Worst-Holy Diver (DIO)

Best- cant remember the name right now...
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worst - anything by Robbie Williams (awful, awful artist)

+1. **** it, I totally agree with you on this one.

The only real other competitor for the title of "worst video" would be anything by celine dion.

The best? There is no such thing as really good videos. Although, the video for Metallica's Nothing Else Matters was quite nice... Not good, but decent.
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Worst-Holy Diver (DIO)

Best- cant remember the name right now...

pffft Holy Diver video is awesome
Cheesy to the max that video.
Ya'll want a single? - Korn

it's really inspiring. ;3

....but she's hot.
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